Frequently Asked Questions

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Where do you ship to?

We currently ship our enchanting products and offerings to addresses within the United States. However, for our digital services, including virtual readings and consultations, we extend our mystical reach worldwide. For physical products, we offer international shipping at the customer's expense. No matter where you are, you can still experience the magic of Olde Thyme Tarot. 🌙✨

How long will my order take?

The delivery time for your order is influenced by your location and the chosen shipping method. Generally, we aim to process and dispatch orders promptly. Once shipped, domestic orders within the United States typically take 2-5 business days, while international shipping durations vary.

For specific details on your order's progress and estimated delivery, we recommend checking your shipping confirmation. If you have any queries or require assistance, our support team at [oldethymetarot@gmail.com] is here to help or use the Contact US section of this website.

Your enchanting experience is important to us, and we appreciate your understanding as we endeavor to ensure a swift and magical delivery. 🌙✨

How do I ship my order back to you?

Returning your order is a simple process. Follow these steps:

  1. Contact Us:
    Reach out to us at [oldethymetarot@gmail.com] to notify us of your return and receive guidance on the return process.
  2. Packaging:
    Securely package the item(s) you wish to return. Ensure they are in their original, unused, and undamaged condition.
  3. Include Details:
    Inside the package, include a note with your order number and contact information to facilitate a smooth processing.
  4. Shipping:
    Ship the package to the address provided during the return communication. Please note that the cost of return shipping will be deducted from your refund.
  5. Tracking:
    For your peace of mind, consider using a trackable shipping service. This allows you to monitor the delivery status of your return.
  6. Await Confirmation:
    Once we receive the returned item(s), we will process your refund within 7-10 business days and notify you of the completion.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to contact our support team. We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to resolving any issues promptly. 🌙✨

Return Policy

Our Return and Refund Policy applies solely to "physical" items purchased from our Apothecary.

Returns and Refunds:
If your purchase does not meet your expectations, you may return the physical item(s) within 30 days from the date of receipt. To initiate a return, please notify us before sending the item(s) back. Returned items must be in their original, unused, and undamaged condition. Once we receive the returned item(s), a refund will be issued to the original payment method within 7-10 business days. Please note that original shipping charges are non-refundable, and the cost of return shipping will be deducted from your refund.

Non-Refundable Items:
Please be aware that tarot readings, spells, and rituals are non-refundable. However, we understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, leading to the need to "reschedule" your appointment. Should this occur, please contact us promptly to arrange a new date and time.

We hope our products and services bring you joy. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out. Your support means the world to us, and we eagerly anticipate serving you again in the near future. 🌙✨

Where is Olde Thyme Tarot located?

Olde Thyme Tarot is nestled in the charming town of Sabattus, Maine, at 273 Marsh Road. Our mystical haven serves as the heart of our magical offerings for those seeking an in-person reading or consultation.

Please note that WE DO NOT OFFER WALK-IN SERVICES; all visits must be "BY APPOINTMENT ONLY" and the GREENHOUSE IS CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC. Appointments can be conveniently scheduled by clients on our website when selecting their desired reading, spell, or ritual. This ensures a personalized and magical experience tailored to your needs and privacy.

*** Note: If you are looking to purchase (in person) from the Apothecary Shop in our greenhouse, please contact us to set up a private appointment. Walk-in's are NOT allowed, as readings take place there daily and privacy is of upmost importance!

While our physical presence is rooted here, our reach extends worldwide through our digital services. Feel the magic from wherever you are, and should you have any questions or require assistance, don't hesitate to reach out. 🌙✨

Kathryn is an occultist, what does that mean?

Kathryn, as an occultist, engages in a variety of practices that contribute to her spiritual journey and understanding of mystical principles. Here are four aspects of her approach:

🔮 Tarot Reading: Imbuing a sense of mystique, Kathryn goes beyond mere interpretation; she steps into the essence of the cards by adorning herself in symbolic attire. Getting into character through specific clothing, she transforms tarot into a vivid experience. This embodiment allows her to tap into deeper wisdom, offering guidance and clarity in navigating the intricate complexities of life.

🌙 Intuition, Dreamwork, and Spiritual Insight: Cultivating intuition is a cornerstone of Kathryn's journey. Through meditation, dreamwork, and other intuitive practices, she refines her ability to tap into inner wisdom. Many revelations unfold in the realm of dreams, contributing to a holistic understanding of the mystical. This intuitive insight, shaped by both waking and dreaming states, guides her interpretations in magical workings and tarot readings.

🕯️ Magical Practices: Kathryn incorporates rituals and ceremonies into her spiritual routine, using them as a means of connecting with natural and symbolic forces. Through these practices, she seeks to influence and manifest specific outcomes, guided by a deep understanding of magical principles.

💬 Spirit Communication: Kathryn explores practices that foster a connection with spiritual realms. Engaging in spirit communication or communicating with entities, her approach emphasizes spiritual communion. These practices are a source of inspiration and guidance, contributing to her broader understanding of the interconnectedness between the spiritual and material worlds. 👻💫

Kathryn's journey as an occultist is characterized by a commitment to personal growth, self-discovery, and the intricate exploration of the dance between the spiritual and the tangible realms. It's important to note that, contrary to common misconceptions, occultism isn't inherently dark. Kathryn's practices emphasize enlightenment, personal empowerment, and a celebration of the profound beauty found within the exploration of the unknown.

Can I Get a Gift Certificate?

Absolutely! Delve into the mysterious allure of Olde Thyme Tarot with our enchanting Gift Certificates. Navigate to the Apothecary Shop and seek the icon shrouded in mystery. These certificates make for a truly magical gift, available in any amount. Unleash the magic of choice upon your loved ones and let them embark on their own journey into the extraordinary. 🌙✨