🌙 A Mystic's Journey

🔮 Childhood Revelations ~ Kathryn's connection with spirits began in childhood, shaping a lifelong fascination.

Paranormal Passion ~ As her fascination with the supernatural deepened, her life underwent a profound transformation.

🌿Years of Greenery ~ Kathryn's journey as a green witch spans over 35 years, reflecting her deep-rooted love for gardening and nature's magic.

🔮 Holistic Touch ~ Her enchanted greenhouse and gardens offer clients a holistic, nature-infused experience.

💫 Transformation Awaits ~ Join Kathryn in a world where magic is real and possibilities are boundless.


Gallery of Past Gatherings

🌟 Unveiled Enchantment🌟

Discover the magic of our events.

Here are some snapshots, where every event is a chapter in a tale of enchantment. 🌙✨

About Our Mystical Soirees

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